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Elvis - The Personal Archives

With the cooperation of Elvis’ estate, respectful of his legacy, and designed as an amazing pop-culture artifact itself, this is the ultimate Elvis collectible. Fine Artist Jeff Scott, who collaborated with Loudthought, had unprecedented access to Elvis’ personal possessions and property, and the cooperation of Graceland, to create a complex portrait of the music legend beyond kitsch. Scott resurrects Elvis through his possessions, revealing the humanity behind the celebrity veneer.

A well-designed collection of Elvis Presley imagery. Some are skillfully appropriated collages, some are simply gritty recordings of what was left behind. The author's technique reveals a body of work that embraces the fading and brittle nature of his subjects, sometimes amplifying and augmenting the effects of time on these artifacts. This is not your average Presley memorabilia book, but a thoughtful meditation that artfully illustrates both the boundless legend and peculiar idiosyncrasy of one of the most remarkable American icons.   – By moirémusic

Review found on Amazon.com website.

I found this book a real visual treasure.The story this book tells through images, I found so engaging, the composition of each page brought me into the story. Not only the physical images of Elvis, but the images of things he spent money on, things he spent time with and the places that were so important in his life. It allowed me to sense the many contradictions that made Elvis who he was, rather than being told in someone elses words. I thoroughly enjoyed this visual journey. I hope others enjoy it as well.   – Phil Strahan

Review found on Amazon.com website.