Branding Insights

Feb 16, 2015
We pay these people for their expertise because they are exactly that — experts. They know things that we don't. For example, I don't have a clue how to remove an appendix, but if mine was about to burst I’d certainly want to visit with somebody who could handle that job. Imagine, however, how that conversation with your doctor might go if you decided to pay him or her all kinds of money to help and then ignored the offered advice. "Thanks for your thoughts on the subject doctor, but I think I'll just sweat this appendicitis out and take a couple of aspirin."

Ludicrous, right? Potentially dangerous? Absolutely. At the very least, a waste of money? You got it.

A similar scenario sometimes plays itself out with clients and the firms they hire to help with marketing and branding needs. Typically, professional ad agencies are staffed by experienced, dedicated and highly-motivated professionals with the know-how and drive to identify the branding needs of a company and address them. Likely, these companies are paying advertising firms sizable sums of money for their help. So why ignore them?

There are a number of reasons why clients might choose to ignore the advice of their branding firms. For example, they may have handled marketing in-house for many years and are uncomfortable turning the function totally over. Or, they might have an internal person with an interest in marketing giving alternative or even contradictory advice.

Whatever the case may be, when a company commits to working with a professional branding firm, their best bet is to actively listen to and work with the professionals at that firm. Rather than distrusting, ignoring or altering the advice, consider entering into an active conversation with your branding agency, educating them on the particulars of your company, its customers and their needs and then working together from there to arrive at solutions.

If your car's engine is rattling, you should probably trust with the mechanic says. If you develop a nasty cough, avail yourself of a doctor’s advice. On the same note, if your company is looking for (and has paid for) professional advice from an advertising and branding agency, take seriously what they have to say and learn to work together to see it to fruition.